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Some Heat Capacity and Thermometric Investigations at Ultralow Temperatures

Heikki K. Collan

Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technology to be presented with due permission for public examination in the Auditorium S4 at Helsinki University of Technology (Espoo, Finland) on the 1st of October, 1971, at 12 noon.

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This thesis consists of an overview and of the following 6 publications:

  1. H. K. Collan, M. Krusius, and G. R. Pickett, Suppression of the nuclear heat capacity in bismuth metal by very slow spin-lattice relaxation and a new value for the electronic specific heat, Phys. Rev. Letters 23, 11 (1969).
  2. H. K. Collan, T. Heikkilä, M. Krusius, and G. R. Pickett, On the measurement of small heat capacities at low temperatures, Cryogenics 10, 389 (1970).
  3. H. K. Collan, M. Krusius, and G. R. Pickett, Specific Heat of Antimony and Bismuth between 0.03 and 0.8 K, Phys. Rev. B1, 2888 (1970).
  4. H. K. Collan, P. E. Gregers-Hansen, M. Krusius, and G. R. Pickett, Quadrupole Interactions in the Semimetals, As, Sb, and Bi, Proc. 12th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, E. Kanda, ed. (Keigaku Publishing Co, Tokyo 1971), p. 537.
  5. P. M. Berglund, H. K. Collan, G. J. Ehnholm, R. G. Gylling, and O. V. Lounasmaa, The Design and Use of Nuclear Orientation Thermometers Employing 54Mn and 60Co Nuclei in Ferromagnetic Hosts, Report TKK-F-A155 (1971), Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Vol. 6 (1972), p. 357-383.
  6. M. I. Aalto, P. M. Berglund, H. K. Collan, G. J. Ehnholm, R. G. Gylling, M. Krusius, and G. R. Pickett, Construction and Use of a Pulsed Copper Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Thermometer, Report TKK-F-A156 (1971), Cryogenics, Vol. 12 (1972), p. 184-191.

Keywords: ultralow temperature calorimetry; ultralow temperature thermometry; non-adiabatic calorimetry; hyperfine interactions in the semimetals As, Sb and Bi; nuclear magnetic resonance; NMR thermometry; nuclear orientation; NO thermometry; gamma-radiation from oriented nuclei; temperature scale at ultralow temperatures

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